Tom's Approach

"An Experience Beyond Restaurant Dining"

“In your home, I have the opportunity to offer a more personalised, intimate and bespoke dining experience than can ever be experienced in a top restaurant. I do this by designing dishes and menus solely for you and your guests, planning tastes and flavours around exactly what you love. It's an unforgettable experience that you can't get anywhere else.”


Meet Chef Tom Burney

Chef Tom Burney is a British chef with experience in some of the world's most influential kitchens.

Tom began cooking professionally in France, completing four years of training before returning to the UK. Since then, he has worked in the kitchens of legendary restaurants, The Fat Duck (three Michelin stars) and The Square (two Michelin stars).

He's also at times shared kitchens with Gary Rhodes, Nigel Haworth, James Martin, Michael Caines and Paul Heathcote.

Tom believes true flavour comes from choosing only the best fresh ingredients, and cooking them simply to enhance those flavours and boost nutritional benefits.

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