Private Chef Services

by Chef Tom Burney

For private dining, key artists, film crews & events

Private Chef Services

By Chef Tom Burney

For private events, film crews, concert backstage & yacht parties

Hong Kong Personal Chef Tom Burney

From discerning diners to Hollywood's finest, Tom Burney's private chef services have proven the exclusive choice for gourmands in Hong Kong.

With a Michelin-starred background (including 3-starred The Fat Duck and 2-starred The Square, England), Tom's fine flavours have been enjoyed by Kylie Minogue & Lady Gaga's touring groups, on set by Keanu Reeves & Chris Hemsworth, in private members clubs and on-board luxury yachts.

Experience the luxury
of your very own chef's table

Choose an intimate 6-course fine dining dinner party with Chef Tom in your kitchen, or create a highly specific diet programme with meals delivered daily - Hong Kong Personal Chef offers a range of bespoke private chef services, tailored to your specific needs.

Designed For Those Who Demand Luxury And Perfection

With a wealth of experience cooking as the private chef for Hollywood actors, recording artists and discerning diners, Chef Tom's private chef services are designed for those who demand luxury and perfection.

Whatever your requirements, we serve bespoke dishes of luxurious quality that delight and satisfy. Contact private chef Tom Burney, to hire Hong Kong's premier private chef or to chat through your plans and start your private fine dining experience today.

Bespoke Fine Dining Experiences By your Own Private Chef at Home

Hong Kong’s premiere Private Chef Tom Burney creates the perfect flavours to match your ideal atmosphere. Chef Tom has worked in some of the world’s most influential kitchens, this experience which goes into every dish to serve up at home in its finest form. With a choice from a classic menu or a menu designed in collaboration, only the finest artisan ingredients will be used to ensure the best personal chef fine dining experiences. 

An experience beyond restaurant dining
For those who demand luxury and expect perfection
Tailored daily meals for those with special requests

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