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Tom Burney is a British chef with over 20 years’ experience of modern Western cuisine. He first cooked in Hotels and restaurants in France and the UK before coming to Hong Kong as a private chef in 2010. Since then, Chef Tom has served hundreds of private dinner party events, BBQ parties and other bespoke private events in Hong Kong. In addition, He’s  provided nutritionally-specific menus for Hollywood ‘A-list’ clients visiting Hong Kong including Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Minogue and Keanu Reeves.

Chef Tom was the founder and Executive Chef of Hong Kong’s largest sustainable event catering company, ‘Invisible Kitchen’. As a result, he curated and oversaw a massive variety of corporate, luxury and private events. For instance; weddings, cocktail events, picnics, BBQ catering, Gala Dinner Catering, Dinner Parties, Media shoots, Celebrity Chef demos, 1000+ person conferences, sports events and bespoke private parties…

Now he is focusing all his energy on working with a small number of private clients… Get in touch to become one of them!

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tom's Mission

Chef Tom is a strong advocate of a sustainable approach to catering. As a result, he supports various sustainability initiatives through his work. Explore articles, videos and interviews here.

Tom focusses on the natural flavours of ingredients then uses a variety of techniques, both ancient and modern to highlight and balance flavour and textures on the plate.

As a true hospitality professional, Tom is ingredient-driven and flavor-focused to create your ultimate dinner menu.

To ensure a high quality of service, Tom only takes a few clients per week…

so do book early to avoid disappointment

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